Planning Consultation:
Land at Tannoy Factory, West of Palacecraig St., Coatbridge

Welcome to our consultation on the proposed development of c.60 homes on land west of Palacecraig Street, Coatbridge.

The purpose of this consultation website is to present our plans for the creation of a new high-quality residential development on the southern edge of Coatbridge.

This website is part of formal pre-application consultation, before a planning application is submitted to North Lanarkshire Council in the coming months. This consultation would normally be carried out in the form of a public exhibition in a local venue. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, this is not possible, and an online solution has been prepared to replace it. This is in keeping with recent legislation and guidance from the Scottish Government.

We have set out below the background to the proposals, our vision for the site and how the proposed masterplan has been developed, with the aim of maximising the opportunity to deliver a high-quality place that responds directly to its context.

We are inviting the local community and other stakeholders to review our emerging proposals before a planning application is submitted to North Lanarkshire Council. We would very much welcome your feedback and comments.

To assist, we have prepared a short feedback form which seeks to gather the views of those participating in the consultation. Your feedback will help to inform our eventual planning submission to North Lanarkshire Council.

For the avoidance of doubt, any comments submitted to this website are for the applicant and project team only, and do not constitute a formal representation to any planning application.  If and when an application is submitted, there will be a further opportunity to provide representations to the Council.

In addition, on 22nd October, between 10am and 4pm, we will be hosting a live consultation session via a ‘live chat’ section of this website with members of the project team available to answer any questions that you may have.

Questions can also be posed via email to our project specific email address ( or by contacting our project representatives directly on the phone number provided and we will seek to respond as quickly as possible to any questions raised. Thereafter, the presentation will be available to view until 11th November 2020 where comments can still be submitted and where necessary, responded to.